We can hot stamp wire markers on PVC, Polyolifin
and Teflon heat shrinkable or regular tubing.

Heat shrinkable tubing   commonly called heat shrink is available in standard wall or heavy wall in various inside diameters
and colors. PVC is commonly rated 600V, 105C.  Polyolefin tubing is commonly rated 135C,  600V. Teflon (PTFE) is rated 260C, 600V.  All can be UL/CSA rated with other temperature and voltage ratings available if needed.

Tubing and Shrink tubing are used for primary or secondary electrical insulation, bundling, aesthetics, chemical and / or mechanical protection and of course identification and labeling.

We can also supply fiberglass sleeving which is offers higher temperatures, voltages and physical protection then extruded tubing but might not be able to be hot stamped depending on kind.

We can also stamp wire ties, directly on wire and cable either as part of the processing of the harnesses or bulk lengths along with various other products.


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