Originally the company was a value added supplier of military products including the

assembly of communications equipment, stamped military identification tags, wire harnesses made for the military and other war effort manufacturers, military police night sticks and hot stamped wire markers to military specifications.

When World War II ended so did the original company’s direct government contracts. With that Excel Specialty Corporation was established in 1949. Though Excel continued to supply military products it had to quickly find new, non military applications for its production capacity. It found a new home in the expanding consumer goods market place with the advent of the new appliances being introduced to the post war economy. The company soon became one of the largest

appliance wire harness manufacturers in the midwest (the home of most appliance manufacturing for the country at the time). It also continued on in the communications industry doing work both on the consumer radio side of the business and in commercial broadcasting equipment. By then Excel had moved to a 10,000 sq. ft. location on the North side of Chicago Illinois. This location was very close to several means of public transportation and a large competitive local work force. The location used to be a Studabacker dealership. As Studabacker fell on hard times this city block long building became available.

Through several decades of change, both to the appliance and communications industries the former with its move to manufacturing and headquarters to the Southern States and then to offshore manufacturing, the later to solid-state technology and offshore dominance and the overall structure of Chicago and the Midwest from manufacturing to service sector Excel has had to adopt and change once more. 

Excel is still a supplier to the appliance industry but has moved into the medical, lighting, HVAC and industrial controls and equipment industries. We not only manufacture wire harness to UL and CSA standards along with heat shrink markers but also provide eyeleting services and act as overflow assembly production for our customers as needed.


Excel Specialty Corporation

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