Excel Specialty typically produces wire leads and harnesses from #24 through #10 wire. We have done as small as #28. We also process cordage and single conductor wire as large as 500MCM.

Though we process all types of wire, we are proud of our capability and expertise in processing the more difficult high temperature insulated wires such as 200C SRML’(SF), 250C TGGT’s, 450C MGT’s and Teflon insulated wires.

We produce jumpers and leads from 1/2 inch long stripped both ends (depending on wire type) to over hundreds of feet long. Leads can be stripped both ends, terminated both ends or terminated single end. Insulation plugs can be retained (depending on wire and strip length) to help protect wires in shipping.

We typically use TE (Amp) terminals but are also tooled on Molex, Panduit, Hirose, JST and  Arkless. The terminals we are tooled on include spades, spring spades, locking spades, rings, fastons, flag fastons, tabs (male push ons), pins and sockets. Terminals can be preinsulated, uninsulated, post insulated with heat shrink or heat shrink markers, or inserted into housings.

Our harnesses are made and labeled UL and CSA depending upon your needs. We can produce from R&D quantities through runs of 100,000’s.

Harnesses, Leads and Whips

  These are 1/0, 2/0, 4/0 custom high voltage (5KV-15KV, 200C) silicon wire leads.

 14 inch long 105C 600 volt wire lead. It has a tin plated brass ring terminal on one end and a tin plated brass faston on the other. It also has white 105C 600 volt PVC heat shrink markers with black hot stamped lettering on both ends

White 18 gauge silicone with glass over braided wire (SF-2, SRML, UL/CSA) rated 200C 600V with insulation plug left on.

Blue stranded tinned copper wire MTW,AWM, UL1015/CSA rated 105C, 600V with insulation plug left on.


This is a custom grounding strap one inch wide made of flat copper braid with a proprietary tin plated terminal.


This a is picture of a custom control cable , it has Amp PIDG ring terminals on 10 gauge, 3 conductor SEOW 600 volt 105C UL/CSA cable


#14 wire conduit assembly (whip) with spring spades and faston flags.

Here is an enlarged photo of the harness from the main page. All the wire is 18 GA UL1015 TEW MTW/ CSA bare copper 105C 600 Volt wire, unless otherwise noted. To see a more detailed picture of a section simply click the link of the corresponding letter below.


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